PWV has a unique “associate” offering by allowing selected brokers to join our group whereby they hand over the burden of compliance but continue to provide peace of mind to these entities clients that they are contracting with a sustainable business that not only has access to multiple product lines but should disaster strike their clients are protected from unnecessary product supplier interventions.


PWV has a sub broker agreement with Broker Solutions who performs policy and claims administration on the business of PWV placed with the insurers Broker Solutions has binders and or outsourced agreements with.


We are equity partners of Net Value Holdings Pty Ltd, Clivia Investment Holdings Pty Ltd and Magnolia Ridge Investment Holdings Pty Ltd in addition Magnolia is an equity partner to, Broker Solutions Group Pty Ltd, Ethico Brokers Pty Ltd and Furstenburg Brokers Pty Ltd who are all authorised financial service providers registered with the Financial Services Board and trade independently.